5 Modern Day Technologies Will Makes Your Home Automated Control
ByRaja Shekar| 2016-05-09

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Gone are the days when a house was a basic necessity that provided you a shelter over your head. Technology boomed in the architecture industry as well and affected it in a way that one could not even imagine. For a normal person, the sight of these advancements is only visible in the movies and therefore these architectural developments often end up being more fascinating than the actual plot of a movie. With the advent of technology a lot is displayed in the movies that you can easily adopt for your home. Especially these facilities are in luxury apartments. Be it the simple automated control systems or the techno high end furniture that is used, everything is awe inspiring and can be installed in a normal house depending upon the preferences and the amount of money one is willing to pay. Check out some of these revering options listed down in the sentences that follow
 1)Thermostat systems 

 Used to control the temperature of your home even you are away, this is one of the most sought after investments that one should make of planning to design a technology driven home. Since the system is self programmed, it not maintains the temperature depending upon the climate but is a catch when it comes to saving the energy and thus your money.
2) Automated security systems

You would often see live monitoring systems being installed but they are old school now. What is in is the system that has it all which includes notifications regarding unusual movements, trespassing, temperature and humidity variations, fire, etc. This is one smart system that would adapt to what your home has to offer in a short duration and thus send you videos and messages if something unusual is observed.

3) Automated Switch off systems

 How often one does forgets switching off all the switches before leaving the house! If the answer is always for you, a system like this comes in handy where you get to switch off the switcher right from your phone. Convenient option, is not it!

4) Voice activated systems

 This is one thing that you in many movies these days. Operational with the voice of the family members, this is one system that offers you the option to talk to your house. Be it the opening and closing of the doors or switching on and off the switches and electronics, it does everything at your command.

5) Gesture control systems
If you find talking difficult to your home, there are these gesture control technologies as well that you can bring directly from a Hollywood movie to you homes. Controlling done by waving of hand, winking and simple hand clapping, these are the finest control systems that can be installed in ones’ home.

Although these mighty pieces of technologies come with a big price tag, once installed, they have a long life and go not go off for many years. Now a day’s many property advisor's are proposing with these technical systems. All these systems make controls easy and safe as well thus ensuring that your home stays safe from any kind of unnatural mishaps.

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